• Auto tuning Mercedes v Class

Auto tuning Mercedes v Class

Madrid, Испания
Тип : Предложение
Марка : Mercedes v class
Модель : Viano
тип объявления Предложение тип объявления


The market of premium minivans and SUVs is experiencing its golden age, the Gutmeister company designs from scratch and builds taking into account any wishes of the client – the most luxurious and extremely comfortable offices on wheels, which occupied the podiums at world exhibitions of the automotive industry and car showrooms! Mercedes V-Class This is actually a VIP first class ticket, but on wheels.

What we do: Changing the color of the interior, re-stitching the interior in leather, carbon fiber, natural veneer of valuable wood species, installation of additional equipment, non-standard equipment, perforation of the leather, stretching of the interior, development of an exclusive design, post-warranty service.

Installing a Maybach interior in any car or yacht is a routine and work process for us.

For us, there are no obstacles in realizing the most incredible wishes of the client. Our capabilities and our 25 years of continuous work experience, as well as the presence of a closed production cycle in one place, give us practically unlimited opportunities to implement the most complex and difficult tasks. And this is the little that we have already passed and do not stop and go forward.

What else can the Gutmeister company surprise us with?

P.S. Production is in Germany. We also carry out orders for leather perforation, we will execute any drawing and send it to any country. We work with large auto tuning centers, individual orders, car showrooms, and manufacturers. Our prices are pleasantly surprising, despite the fact that the company is located in Germany.

Dile al vendedor que lo encontraste en www.doskaobyavleniy.es


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